XL-day, Elbibi pitching on stage

A series of innovations today marked the end of the fourth edition of HighTechXL. XL Day is the world’s High Mass for High Tech Hardware startups. Also team Elbibi headed for their pitch at the Eindhoven Klokgebouw during XL-day. Nikolai Carels, Elbibi's CEO explained the Elbibi concept to a 900

people crowd while Bart de Wert, Elbibi's CTO, demonstrated Elbibi by driving around the pitch podium. This gained a lot of enthusiastic reactions of the audience.

With the help of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance (such as Philips, ASML, EY, BOM and NTS Group) HighTechXL has become a broader initiative than just an accelerator program. HighTechXL also mentors companies in the ideation and scale-up phase at High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. That is “the smartest km² in Europe” with more than 140 companies and institutes, and some 10,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products. Campus companies (a.o. Philips, NXP, IBM, Intel) are responsible for nearly 40% of all Dutch patent applications.

Together with Elbibi's strategic partners: ICT, the city of Eindhoven, ABN AMRO and many others Elbibi is now working hard on preparing a pilot project of 200 Elbibi's

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